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The cloud computing platform Amazon Web Services (AWS), which began providing IT infrastructure services in 2006, continues to expand its product portfolio in the cloud with the launch of Amazon Glacier.

What is Amazon Glacier ? According defines  the own company of Jeff Bezos,a storage solution “of extremely low cost, offering safe and durable storage” which is designed both for data archiving and for the implementation of the backups thereof.

In this regard, it is recommended to information that is accessed relatively infrequently , such as the case of the newspaper archives of the media, the financial and health records, database backup long term or those redoubts information that must be preserved for regulatory compliance. Or for when recovery times of several hours are needed.

To that end, Amazon says that Glacier allows “significant savings” compared to on-premise solutions, with costs that start from just $ 0.01 per gigabyte per month and where customers “pay only for what you use”.

“Usually, companies pay more than you need to archive your data,” said Seattle firm. “First, they are forced to make a prepayment of high cost for an archiving solution that includes continued investment in operating expenses as electricity, facilities, personnel and maintenance. Second, as companies have to ‘guess’ what your capacity requirements, usually fitted in excess, which is understandable, to ensure you have enough capacity in the event of data redundancy and unexpected growth. “

The current situation would lead to unused capacity and a significant waste of money.

For now, Amazon Glacier is available in the United States, the Asia-Pacific and European Union countries .

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