Amazon offers a ‘tablet’ without batteries and processor

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Amazon has filed a patent which shows a remote screens would not need a battery or even a processor . All data and power you need to run this device would be transmitted wirelessly.

'tablet' without batteries and processor

‘tablet’ without batteries and processor

   The tech giants are engaged in the field of mobile devices, but continually seek new technologies to differentiate themselves from their competitors.augmented reality goggles or smart watches are some of the proposals that sound more in recent months thanks to the advances of Google, Sony, Samsung and Apple. However,Amazon has patented a new “concept” of ‘tablet’.

   With this patent, filed in the Patent and Trademark officiate U.S.(USPTO, for its acronym in English) Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, has submitted a potential ‘tablet’ that needs no battery or processor , so that its size would be much smaller, which are on the market, and with a much lighter weight.

   The patent describes a remote visualization system includes a portable screen that receives , wirelessly, both data and power from a workstation . The primary station has no physical connection with portable and includes a display element for transmitting data and for transmitting the power to the display.The screen, in turn, receives both power and data through a receiver.

   With this, users might forget cables and these screens make them more comfortable and easier to use throughout a home or campus. Moreover, as explained in the patent, the screens need hardly be loaded, which would make the battery life would be much more durable.

   But in this patent, not only speaks of ‘tablets’. Amazon also wants to face and create a rival for Google Glass, since the patent also discusses the possible use of glasses to view the files . “A user could attach a screen to eyeglasses, so that the user can use the spectacles as a display when desired. Also, the portable device may be a headset which allow the user to listen to music” describes the patent.

   With this new concept of ‘tablet’ Amazon could create a database where all data or files of a house or a university to be together and to serve all users without requiring a physical connection.

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