Amazon Launches to save web articles in Kindle

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Whether the discomfort to read long texts on the computer screen or the unsettled which is usually the internet on mobile devices, so-called “online readers” have become very popular applications for smartphones and tablet users.



Systems like Paper ReadMeLater or allow the user to surf the net, find items of interest that want to save, select and ready. The system is responsible for archiving in an offline version so you can read while traveling on the subway, on a plane or in the house.

The beauty of this system is that, in addition, is responsible for giving a format that is ideal for reading, preserving the letters and the content above, for example, images and advertising often spare.

A service that users can now enjoy the Kindle, the e-reader Amazon company, through a system called “Send to Kindle”, a new option that is open to both users and digital book reader for those who provide the Internet content. 

How does it work? Rather than download an application or having to put a special button on the Favorites bar, Send to Kindle is a button that is placed inside the website, as you see now buttons “Share on Twitter” or ” I like “of Facebook.

By pressing this button the first time, the system will ask the user name and password of Amazon whose account is linked to a Kindle. After that, each time you press this button, with the logo of Kindle, the item will automatically synchronize and send the content to make it available.

The only requirement for the Kindle is that it is connected to the Internet, which in the case of models with 3G operates permanently, but on models with Wi-Fi should be taken that is connected, otherwise, they are synchronized when the computer connects to the web.

The site enabled page / gp / sendtokindle / for owners of news sites, such as blogs made in WordPress, incorporating this system within its pages at no cost.

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