Amazon buys Evi, more “wood” on the arrival of their own phone

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The company Amazon appears that Evi bought a voice recognition service is already available on Google Play , and can act as a virtual assistant similar to Siri works. Thus, rumors have exploded on the possible arrival of a phone from this company.



The purchase appears to have had a price of $ 26 million.Some media, such as Android Authority give the transaction as completed, but what is certain is that a representative of Octupus, company that develops Evi has ” declined to make any comment “. Therefore, we have to wait for official confirmation … though movements shift announced as a director and several meetings indicate that the news is totally real.

This has done nothing to shoot again the rumors about the possible arrival of a phone from Amazon , something that is well speculating for some time and some place after the summer. The new terminal, so it is said, would Android operating system (modified, as with the Kindle Fire tablet) and seems to have a screen of 4.5 inches. It could also be from the beginning all applications themselves, as the voice assistant.

Evi would be an addition, not something new

The truth is that this purchase is not the arrival of a new segment by Amazon, because we must not forget that in January the company bought Ivonna , which is also engaged in speech recognition. Therefore, it seems that you have two pieces that are needed to provide good service assistants: application recognition technology and take advantage of this.

What is clear is that Evi purchases, there is a final step to the arrival of Amazon’s own assistant, who will surely be integrated into Kindle Fire , and what is said, in a possible phone. But certainly this better positions as online retail store in regard to mobile services, which is essential to give a good service to users that choose their models.

Of course, all this does not mean that the phone is a reality, but it is also true that this type of movement not only to indicate that this device could reach because the services and companies that are buying Amazon are those who, currently used by other companies in their products.


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