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Last week we talked in this space of Twitter’s influence beyond their numbers.The microblogging social network has increased its presence in Internet media and attracting users and forming new social, commercial and political.But not alone.


Here are five alternatives that revolve around similar ideas: short comments that unite people in a public square.

Sina Weibo

Sina Weibo

Chinese microblogging network has an impressive success in the Asian giant’s territory. Available only in Chinese, the site has over 300 million users and a strong competition with at least five other similar services operating in the country.

Its popularity has grown so much (catapult began when the company was able to open accounts artists there) that even American singers and actors have signed up to be promoted in the country.

But as elsewhere in China, this network has a number of filters to prevent it is to discuss issues “controversial.” A keyword blacklist prevents users address certain issues. If someone does, despite everything, you risk your message to be deleted and your account blocked.

A new law also requires users to register using their real name.

However, the network has played an important role to download the frustration of those who are sick of corruption, for example. With some messages and photographs in it, some local officials faced corruption charges.
 This service is very similar to Twitter as Publish messages to 140 characters and follow people.The main difference is that it is based on open source by platform.

By using this protocol, the service allows users to share their information with other services, post their messages on Twitter, or export their data wherever they want.

This social network has at least 27 languages, including Spanish.And, in the manner of Facebook or Google+, this site allows launch invitations, surveys, develop questions and other social interactions.

The service received more than 8,000 records and 19,000 updates in the first 24 hours of its release to the public, something that happened on July 2008.










Menshn-named for one of its founders and to mimic the sound of the English word mention (mention) – is a social network that users looking for debate on a special topic.The service is a blend of the old “chat rooms” and Twitter.One issue in themed rooms, but can also see a timeline of public posts and subscribe to certain users.And although many of the “rooms” are about political issues (U.S. elections, legislative reforms in the UK) are also rooms for film or television.

Perhaps thinking that every political debate should be more than 140 characters, the network extends the text messages to 180 characters.

At the moment only available in English.










This social network allows instant response to any user launching a specific question and receive answers dozens of snapshots in the form of approval or disapproval, with the possibility to leave a comment.

It usually works better with questions like “is it worth buying online?” that philosophical questions (believe me, I tried) because the answers come to flow.

Unlike other Q & A sites like Quora, Thumb intended to be simple, fast, and give an instant approval or disapproval on a particular question.

The user can choose what types of topics you want to vote.

You can also give points for those who add an answer beyond a simple approval.









This service is usually described as the Twitter business and the nickname is not short.

Yammer CEO David Sacks, left, and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, rightDavid Sacks (L), CEO of Yammer with Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft.

Yammer is a private social network that allows employees of any company to collaborate, work in teams, share links and status messages.

The company recently acquired by Microsoft, has over 300 million users.

Besides short messages in the style of a microblog. Yammer also has a number of applications and productivity tools that differences in other personal social networks.

So far this short list of alternatives to Twitter, but if you know any other feel free to add other jewelry unknown.

Where there’s smoke …

Other alternatives for addicts known social networks:

  • Instagram: the social network pictures “retro” or “vintage” acquired by Facebook has expanded its popularity thanks to his arrival in Android. For lovers of the images.
  • Tumblr: This site that hosts blogs can follow other users, share text, pictures, links and quotes. For lovers of blogs.
  • Google+: Google’s bet on social issues continues to grow and integrate more tools and Events. Ideal for those who are tired of Facebook, but love to Twitter.
  • Facebook: the social network world’s largest still there with its hundreds of millions of users. If neither Twitter nor any of the sites shown here like, his is Facebook.

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