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The fight was not easy. When Google Reader landed shortly after the acquisition of Blogger, its own blogging service, faced blog lines that soon became obsolete with the ease of use and ability to share the most interesting through email and social networks Reader. These programs assist with underwriting and logbooks reading any content or technology that supports RSS, which stands for “really simple syndication”.

Its virtue is to allow read blogs in the same way you access the mail. It was not necessary to enter and again to favorite blogs to see if there were new posts, but like Reader received in an email with saving time. If to this is added the possibility of ordering by topic, the utility is even greater.

From Google Spain have said no, that despite the petition or multiple complaints, no provision is made ​​to rectify. Google includes a tool to export subscriptions with all details and user’s preferred order .What to do next with the file?

Here are some alternatives to Google Reader to migrate before closing on July 1. They are of two types, new generation, showing more dynamic content, and classic, that can import the file generated by Google and continue as before.

Feedly : Works well with Firefox, Chrome and Safari , as a complement to the browser, as with iPad, iPhone , Kindle and Android devices . It’s free and allows you to import the contents of both Google Reader as recommended by various means such as Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal and other resources. They understood perfectly that the closure is a great opportunity for them. Both have created the program Normandy for everything important to take into Google Reader before July 1 with a single click.

NewsBlur : Again works on the web, simply create a user profile and importing content, iOS (the operating system for phones and tablets iPad) and Android. It is updated in real time, providing direct access to the site with original content, the stories are more successful among contacts. Improves with use, as you know the user’s taste, gives priority on the cover. Free up to 64 sources, from that volume calls for a dollar a month.

The Old Reader : Only works on the browser. As the name suggests, is old school. Profit above all. The flood of requests is such that the service has been dropped .

There are two alternatives brilliant centric phones and tablets: Flipboard , a pioneer in converting almost any web page format arrevistado andCurrents , the equivalent of Google.The latter puts special focus on Google +, the social network of search and suggests links selected by celebrities and experts. In Chapter remix applications and suggestion are news Netvibes , simple and designed for the computer, and press , in all formats. According to All Things Digitalwill soon pass into the hands of the LinkedIn social network of 38 million euros.


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