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The new Apple iPhone 5C has just been introduced and we have the official details of the device “low cost” company of the bitten apple. A new device that makes a new line of products in which the color takes center stage. This device is the one that Apple wants to revolutionize the market, again.


iPhone 5C

iPhone 5C

The iPhone 5C, as expected, is made of polycarbonate. However, this material is very resistant reinforced with a special coating. Despite what was believed until now, all variants of the new iPhone 5C have the front in black, while some believe were filtered photographs could be white.

5C The iPhone hardware is similar to the iPhone 5

In hardware, overall, the iPhone 5C, one could say that varies very little over the iPhone 5. Some are the changes that have been introduced, but not a terminal looking to innovate in this sense, but rather in the same approach. Therefore, many of its components are precisely those who own iPhone 5 mounted and, in some cases, have not changed at all, while some have been slightly redesigned.


The cameras low cost smartphone Apple vary rarely. In fact, the iPhone 5C main chamber remains the same module incorporating the iPhone 5 with a 8-megapixel sensor that will “intact” and the same type of lens, so that in this sense there is not much more to say . However, the secondary camera of Apple point that has been redesigned for better quality video calls via FaceTime, the Apple video calling service.


The core of the iPhone 5C, the component that gives life to your software, remains the same A6 chip incorporating the iPhone 5. While it is a component that gives enough power to these iOS7 smartphones, we’d like to incorporate all the new A7, by contrast, yes riding his older brother, the iPhone 5S. However, you would expect this to happen because it is a smartphone designed to battle competition in the midrange.


In this sense either enjoy nothing new, kept for both 4-inch screen that you know and have seen all this year’s iPhone 5.


Without going into details, Apple has stated that the battery life on the iPhone 5C is slightly higher than the iPhone 5, ie the iPhone 5C enjoys more autonomy than the Apple flagship of the past generation.


Once and for all, Apple has decided to offer 4G LTE support on their devices and the low cost of its smartphones will be compatible with this type of mobile network as well as providing connectivity to all WiFi networks, as we used to see in all new smartphones for some time.

The antenna of the iPhone 5C

As you can see in the picture below left, inside the iPhone 5C is what allows a good network coverage, since it serves as an antenna of the same. Thus, the outside of the device is made of polycarbonate and has remained this requirement terminal with interior materials, so that the coverage should be optimal as indicated.

Something that should be remembered in this little paragraph, would be the problem that existed with the launch of iPhone 4. If you remembered, I would remind you that the iPhone 4 had a metal component that formed the edge of the terminal, which was caught by, gave coverage problems. In the case of this new iPhone there is no such problem, since it will contact Antenna itself in no time.

The iPhone 5C and 5 colors

The iPhone 5C, well before your presentation, and starred in many hypotheses trying to explain his name. Some stated that the “C” in its name would have to do with “cheap” (cheap) or well have to do with “color”. Receiving the name “5C” and coming to market in 5 colors, it is most likely that the new Apple device receives its name precisely this, its 5 colors that launches.

All variants of the device maintained a sleek black on the front, while the rear can differentiate five different variants: white, red, blue, green and yellow. All these colors are the ones that had already featured in photographs through leaks of the components of the device, therefore, not surprising at all this variety of colors but only confirms what we already knew.

Official rubber covers in all colors

As imagined, this smartphone is aimed at younger people the user “typical” current iPhone. Therefore, Apple has focused on the colors of the device to provide a striking terminal with which to offer some possibilities for the customization. We can customize the terminal itself, but we can always purchase an official Apple case with which to equip the iPhone 5C more of “style”.

These cases officers will be marketed in a variety of colors, as you can see below. However, if we choose a particular color in which purchasing our iPhone 5C, how we were going to want to hide this striking color of its back cover? Apple, to avoid this, has designed covers Emmental reminiscent as they are full of holes at the back, not to hide the color of the device.

5c iphone cases

In the picture above you can see the wide variety of configurations we can do with the different colors of the device itself and the sleeves of which we speak. However, if you want to know in better detail the appearance of these official cases, will better see the next picture in which one of them appears in the foreground.

Inside iphone5c

Availability and Pricing

5C The iPhone will come to Spain in the second “batch”, so we will not see here on Friday September 20 but we have to wait until next December, a shame that Apple has left Spain in a “second plane “in this sense. As for the price of this new smartphone, according to the Apple Store in France, takes around 599 euros free. This price is obviously the price of free terminal and its official store.

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