All accounts hotmail disappear in 6 months

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Microsoft launched yesterday the automatic migration of 300 million e-mail accounts to the new mail multinational, a process completed in six months. The new mail system aims to compete with Google’s popular Gmail.

The new system has been available to users through a choice of your mail from July 2012, but yesterday began to occur automatically change.

The transfer will take place without the involvement of the holders of e-mail accounts so that one day they will find the new “clean and intuitive,” he told EFE Rafael Rios, product marketing manager at Microsoft.

Visitors may wish to rename hotmail account to Outlook and keep getting messages sent to the old evidence nombreMicrosoft opened its new email service July 31 and until Monday had 60 million users a third of whom have their Google Gmail accounts, Rios said.

The change comes from the new Microsoft policy to unify their services that integrates with Skype messaging, storage and email SkypeDrive brand in Outlook. The change is to be performed by servers, not so that countries will be expected without any hassle for the user.

In the new email advertising is removed the “banner” and no talks are used to send users related advertising, but the update of the contacts that are on Facebook or Twitter, the agency EFE.

According to AFP, in recent months, Microsoft has raised the tone of his attacks on Google, accusing it of using commercially information and failing to protect the privacy of its users.

“ believes that your privacy is not for sale. We believe that people should have control over their private emails (…) The emails are personal and people consider monitoring them to sell ads is off limits, “said Stefan Weitz, director of Microsoft’s online services.

Features . Among the advantages of Outlook address hotmail emails are scheduled cleaning, easy to unsubscribe in a newsletter, photo viewing and online content, and very easily to use with touchscreen capabilities. also allows easy connection to social networks like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter and faster sending “hundreds” of photos and videos in a single message, said the U.S. company.

Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail with are the main global email services.According to the company of Bill Gates, its user base increased by 60 million, and currently totals about 300 million worldwide, AFP reported.

Although the upgrade will be automatic for a quick change of mind, the user can log on to the data your hotmail account (username and password). By doing so, you will see a change in the distribution of the image and inbox, and receive an email where you will be welcomed to Outlook and will detail some of the highlights of the new system, as well as things you can do.

For example, you can request a new “alias” for the Outlook account with which the user can send and receive emails and keep everything in separate folders (control it from the inbox). email address will be the same

Users who have a hotmail account can log in with their own Outlook data. In doing so, the bill will not change the address will be the same and the emails and contacts will remain, only that everything will work under the new aesthetic.

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