Alibaba: Google Acer forced to give up our new Mobile OS

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Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba has accused Google of using its influence on hardware partners to prevent competition. The search company is said to have allegedly pushed Acer not to bring a planned smartphone with a mobile operating system developed by Alibaba on the market.

Acer originally wanted to hold a press conference yesterday to introduce the mobile phone called Mobile Cloud A800, the run with the operating system and should already Aliyun this Friday coming to China in the past. It said, however, the event at short notice again. “Acer will continue in conjunction with Google”,quoted Dow Jones Newswires an Acer employee, who asked not to be named.“The company plans to launch the new smartphone with Alibaba software still.”

A Google spokesman declined to comment on the allegations. The PC manufacturer Acer tries his offer with tablets and other mobile devices to diversify. With its smartphones, it relies predominantly on Google’s Android OS.

“Our partner has been informed by Google that it would end its cooperation based on Android and set other technological licensing, if the product Aliyun OS runs,” it said in a statement sent by Alibaba “We respect and understand the decision of our partner, to postpone the introduction of the mobile phone and are concerned about the impact that the conflict has on our partners.”

Alibaba, which is in addition to Softbank and Yahoo still involved to 20 percent, claims to be the largest IT group in China. The system developed by his daughter AliCloud Aliyun operating system was first introduced in mid 2011. It is based on Linux and is closely linked to the Cloud: Aliyun OS has a cloud-based e-mail service and Web search, a weather service and navigation tools. Also, users can synchronize all data from the Web to your PC and store them in the cloud – including call history, text messages and even photos. The applications also run on the Web and accessed as needed.

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