Against which competes the ipad mini?

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The miniature version of the Apple tablet, the iPad mini, you have a scene that must compete. ” If Apple is on the defensive, as if the rumors about this seven-inch tablet, the device would not be new to the market and therefore no decision follows the pattern of surprise and innovation that have made the Cupertino over the last decade. Waters pointed out that this decision ‘defensive’ iPad Mini is a ploy to keep his great position in the market, and less to the giants Samsung, Google and Amazon .


Last week Apple released a call for a Keynote: “We’ve got a little more to show you” (“We have a little more to show”). The word “little” (small)shot the rumors about the iPad Mini, which so far is speculation, will have 7.8 inches, according to the newspaper Expansion, will cost $ 249.Still do not know how it will be but it has at least three rivals: Kindle Fire HD (Amazon), Nexus 7 (Google) and the Galaxy Tab 2. 7.0 (Samsung)

Kindle Fire HD

” The tablet 7″ most advanced in the world “has a HD display (1280 x 800) with polarization filter and anti-reflective technology. has also wifi ‘dual dual band antenna for downloads and streaming playback ultrafast ‘ . Their dual core processor of 1.2 GHz and is lightweight. The price varies between 199 euros for the device with 16GB of memory and 249 euros for the 32 GB . has front camera and HDMI port, which can be connected, for example, the TV.

Galaxy Tab 2.7.0

This tablet from Samsung has been one of the culprits of the patent dispute between Apple and South Korea in which have clashed repeatedly in courts worldwide. Its dimensions are 7.6 inches by 4.8 and weighs about 344 gramsIt has a 3MP rear camera and a VGA quality front. Powered by the Android operating system 4.9, known as Ice Cream Sandwich and has a LCD screen with resolution of 1024 x 600. Has BT Bluetooth 3.0, and USB 2.0 port. This device is sold since July in Spain from 249 euros .

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