After poor sale of Nexus 7, Google is looking forward to Nexus 8

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The tablet Nexus 8 , one of the possible developments of Google this year, would be closer to being submitted. That 2014 promises to be the year of the tablets is something that has been clear to us something after CES in Las Vegas .  Thus it seems that users will enjoy a great deal about these devices, the one that best suits your needs. In the case of Google, for weeks and months we hear rumors about the so-called Nexus 8 . It is a tablet with a new screen size within the range of the company, namely eight inches. So far we have seen some details about it, such as its design on a photograph, which a few days later was withdrawn – and some components.

On possible filing date also shuffled several dates. For one thing, at first I’m in for the Nexus 8 could be this summer but now new reports suggest that the new tablet would be much closer to what is said at the time. According to sources in the resources, the Nexus 8 hit the market late next April . To begin with the deployment, Google sent initially two millions for manufacturing would trust Asus, as has happened with other tablets Nexus.

Google has failed to exceed expectations from this tablet marked in terms of sales , mainly due to competition within the range of seven inches, with cumulative sales of less than three million units by the end of 2013. Therefore, Google Nexus 8 has been selected as the place to launch what could be considered as the third generation of Nexus 7, with a different name and slightly larger size, to avoid price competition and competition today tablets also.

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