Advanced Geoscience Technologies for Professional Scientists

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All field geologists understand how difficult working with field stations can be when the stations are located in difficult terrain. When you place monitoring stations at different locations to get an idea of the seismic activity in the area, getting back to access that information can be a long and tedious process. In fact, many geologists and geophysicists are injured every year by trudging off the beaten path to their field stations. Thankfully, there are options available now that make this entire process go by much easier and in a much safer way. Not only are these new options safer, but they don’t compromise the integrity of data at all.

Wireless transmission systems for geophysical resistivity and IP imaging are revolutionizing the way that scientists access important geophysical field data. Instead of trudging their way through remote or difficult terrain, the information at field data stations can be accessed via wireless applications up to 100 feet away. This means that scientists can sit in the comfort of their truck and download important data at the touch of a button. The information is transmitted securely so there’s no risk of having the data compromised via the external wireless link.

In addition to downloading this important data, applications exist on smartphones that allow scientists to interpret the data as well. In the old days, scientists would have to trudge out to the field station, retrieve the data, bring it back to the lab and then start analyzing it. However, these new applications help scientists interpret the data on the spot to save time and effort. This can be huge for scientists who are working on complex and multifaceted projects. After all, any time saved can be very useful and applied to other parts of the project that could use extra attention.

In the end, there are a lot of new and exciting ways to access and interpret important data. Scientists interested in these new developments have a lot of options available to them, but they can easily learn more at if they are interested. The new technologies available through these unique systems should not be discounted. It is the next logical step in the development of data retrieval and analysis tools for busy field technicians and scientists. As the technology is given the opportunity to develop, it will only turn into a wider and more useful set of tools for professional scientists.

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