Adobe stuffs seven critical security holes in Flash Player

Adobe has released an update to Flash Player releases. It includes a total of seven vulnerabilities. The risk they pose to the company classifies as critical. An attacker could cause an application crash and possibly take over the control of an affected system.

safety message According are Flash Player 11.4.402.287 or earlier versions for Windows and Mac OS X and Flash Player or earlier for Linux vulnerable. The error also stuck in Flash Player and earlier for Android 4.x and Flash Player for Android 2.x and 3.x.

The patch addresses including five buffer overflows that could be used to inject and execute malicious code. The same applies to a memory error and a condition known as “Security Bypass” vulnerability. The vulnerabilities were discovered by all employees of the Google Security Team.

Adobe recommends users of Windows and Mac OS X, as soon as possible to upgrade to the new version 11.5.502.110. Existing users will be even more Flash Player 10.3 can play the version Linux Flash Player and is available. Adobe Flash for Android Updated to Version (Android 4.x) and (Android 3.x or earlier).

Users who have installed Flash Player 11.4 will receive the update automatically. Alternatively, the update from the Adobe website to download. Is the new Android version is only for devices running before 15 August was already Flash installed. Google also distributed an update to its Chrome browser, which contains the new version of Flash.

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