Adobe Lightroom 5 beta, available for free download

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The Lightroom photo editing software can be downloaded for free on a temporary basis, as the company Adobe wants to know the public opinion about its operation.

Adobe lightroom-5-beta

Adobe lightroom-5-beta

Before the official release of Adobe Lightroom 5 , you can download the version for comparison with the previous release of the same program to edit photos.

Among the new features of Adobe Lightroom 5 found a significant improvement in radial filter, which allows use bullets in different parts of the image to be edited, not just in the corners.

Other enhancements in this update to Adobe Lightroom, image editor , are in use concealer brush, which can take different forms now customized and not only stay in the usual circle.

Adobe Lightroom 5 beta also offers a new way to repair vertical converging perspectives and also that according to the official website of the developers, they cover 50 functions and correct JDI (Just Do It / Just Do), in order to to operate in a much more efficient.

Adobe Lightroom 5 can also work with efficient video tool that combines static images with multimedia content slidshows (presentations) High defición and with different effects to improve and enhance its appeal.

Download Adobe Lightroom 5 beta ( link ) and please share the views you have about this program and derived from Adobe Photoshop, I’ve never tried it, so do not know that much difference there, but I confess to be curious about it.

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