Adobe Featured on 5 of the 10 most serious security breaches of the quarter

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Much has been criticized Adobe in recent times by the security flaws that have been its main products.Proof of this weakness is a ranking prepared by the ten major security breaches in the last quarter. The software company is present in five of those failures. One of the surprises it throws that list is the inclusion of two vulnerabilities of video playback programs QuickTime app store and iTunes from Apple, a company that has always wanted to defend the safety of their products. Also surprised that Microsoft is not part of this list of vulnerabilities.

According to a report by Kaspersky , products Adobe counted five of the ten most dangerous vulnerabilities that have been discovered during the third quarter of 2012. Specifically, three of those holes belong to the program Adobe Flash Player , another Adobe Reader and Acrobat Reader and the fifth to Adobe Shockwave Player . The protocol Flash has been widely criticized in recent years for its security flaws, so much so that Apple decided to stop supporting Flash on the iPad . In addition, last year the software company decided to stop developing new versions of the player for mobile browsers.

Vulnerabilities in Flash are placed in the third and fourth place with 19% and 18.8% of users whose computers were affected and in tenth place with 9.7% of users affected. The next threat was found inAdobe Reader and Acrobat Reader, another compañíoa platforms has been widely criticized in recent months by the weakness of the protocol PDF . This threat was found in 14.7% of computers that use the detection system Kaspersky .


Despite the importance of these threats, the palm is the two sets of vulnerabilities are found in the platform Oracle Java , with a percentage of users affected the 35% and 21.7%. This programming language is very much on network, but also is a gateway to a large number of attacks cyber criminals. Kaspersky advised not to use Java on your computer unless you really be necessary because you are behind a 56% of exploits found during the months of July, August and September.

Also interesting is the presence of two vulnerabilities of products Apple . The vulnerability found in the program QuickTime is in sixth place and affected a 13.8% of users. This media player has an important place in the operating system of the computers Apple . The second vulnerability was found in the app storeiTunes , which occupies a central position on the platform of the iPad and iPhone . The hole affected a11.7% of users.

The list of major threats complete with a vulnerability found in the program Winamp , another media player that has been very popular a few years ago but has recently fallen into some decay. This security hole affecting a 10.9% of users.

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