Adobe Announces PDF Patch Day

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On the same day as Microsoft and Adobe will provide security updates. The manufacturer has announced plans to upgrade to its PDF Reader and Adobe Acrobat products to close security gaps.

Vulnerabilities in software installed are still the most common door for malware. vulnerabilities in outdated versions of Adobe Reader are next to Java vulnerabilities at the most popular targets for exploit kits studded with Web pages. Therefore with some regularity is Adobe updated versions of its programs ready to close known gaps.
For some time now, Adobe’s Reader and Acrobat updates planned on the second Tuesday of each month and Malthus on the Microsoft Patch Day So in this month: 14 August, Adobe plans new versions of their PDF products are for Windows and Mac OS X platforms . For more information about the gaps to be closed are not yet available.
The latest security updates for Adobe Reader and Acrobat has it in April  , where, since no new PDF security vulnerabilities become known, would allow to attacker to execute injected. code This emphasizes that Adobe’s approach, a sandbox in Reader X (version 10 *) is correct.The sandbox code that exploits a vulnerability Prevents that can pass through the system from malware writers differentiate Therefore other, more easily exploitable programs.

The main problem remains, however, many users not install the updates and Thurs Therefore are working with outdated and vulnerable software versions. automatic background updates are a way to remedy this situation, Which then uses the
Adobe Reader X.

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