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Today, 197 years ago, was born in London, Ada Lovelace , considered as the first woman in history programming. And Google wanted to pay tribute to her figure with an original doodle in which each of the letters of the search results in a milestone in the world of programming, from the figure of Lovelace own up to the computer , an essential element in and current has been reached by earlier developments as Ada Lovelace.

And also women have played an important role in science over time, despite the difficulties that have been found in a male dominated field. So today we remember some of the most relevant scientifically speaking females and you can see a list drawn up by L’Oreal and New Scientist from the responses of an interesting survey.


Some of their names do not sound, but they are all cutting edge women who have dedicated their lives to science and we need many, many advances.

1. Marie Curie. Researcher of radioactivity.
2. Rosalind Franklin. Biophysics whose work was of vital importance for understanding DNA.
3. Hypatia of Alexandria. Neoplatonic Philosopher outstanding in mathematics and astronomy, whose figure was made into a film by Amenabar in the film ‘Agora’.
4. Jocelyn Bell Burnell. Astrophysics discoverer of the first radio signal to press.
5. Ada Lovelace. pioneer in computer programming.
6. Lise Meitner. protactinium Physics discoverer.
7. Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin. chemical that X-rays did apply to biochemistry.
8. Sophie Germain. Mathematical outstanding in their contribution to the theory of numbers. 

9. Rachel Carson. ecology and key Women in generating environmental awareness.
10. Jane Goodall. primatologist who studied tool use in chimpanzees, living with them for decades.

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