Activists believe that the rejection of ACTA is a “triumph for democracy”

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The international activist movement Avaaz called “triumph for democracy in Europe” the European Parliament’s rejection to the Multilateral Agreement Anti-Counterfeiting Trade, known as ACTA.

The plenum of the Parliament opposed today by an overwhelming majority to ratify ACTA, an agreement negotiated by industrialized countries against counterfeiting on the Internet, which does not enter into force in the European Union (EU).

Avaaz said that the vote of MEPs is a “historic victory for citizen power” because it believes that responds to the petition signed by 2.8 million people through its website to ask not to ratify ACTA.

“This is the largest online campaign in history to the European Parliament and its strength has been recognized by leading politicians in Brussels, starting with Martin Schulz,” president of the European Parliament, said in a statement Avaaz.

The Avaaz campaigns director, Alex Wilks said that this “hack to ACTA represents a landmark victory for citizen power from control of large corporations” and congratulated MEPs who have supported the rejection of the agreement.

“In the future, the EU should engage citizens and Parliament from the beginning, instead of trying to impose this kind of treated like a steamroller,” he said.

The ACTA agreement aims to combat Internet piracy and counterfeiting of commercial products brand and illegal drugs in the network.

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