Acer will manufacture a smartphone OS Aliyun

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Open Source – The fourth global computer manufacturer, Acer, struggling in the field of mobility, will try to attack from China with a smartphone based on Aliyun, the operating system of the Chinese giant Alibaba.

According to the Wall Street Journal , Acer will market a smartphone operating system provided Aliyun developed by the Chinese company Alibaba. This is the third of the Taiwanese manufacturer to use Aliyun OS after Beijing Tianyu and Haier Electronics.

“We chose for our new smartphone Aliyun because the user experience it can offer,” says Dave Chan, head of the branch smartphones abroad. Another advantage, according to the sources of the economic newspaper: ease of use for new users of smartphones.

China, world’s largest market

This advantage, coupled with the power of Alibaba Group e-commerce in China could allow Acer to find its place in the smartphone market in China.

According to the research institute IDC, China will become the largest market this year for smartphones, to the United States. 26.5% of devices sold worldwide are expected to be in China.The United States will account for only 17.8% of sales.

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