Acer Travel Series K132, K135 and K335, compact LED projectors

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The Acer Travel Series K135, K132 and K335 are projectors with LED technology for the professional market. This technology allows clear advantages over traditional lamps, such as a longer life and lower power consumption. Due to its compact design, can be used in all types of stays, whether in the workplace or at home . All with a remarkable performance that make them a very attractive option.Projectors Acer will be available throughout the month of August for a price of 430 euros for Acer Travel Series K132, 490 euros for Acer Travel Series K125 and 750 euros for Acer Travel Series K335.



Compact and powerful. The new K Series projectors Asian company are designed to perform well in any room. The brightness of the equipment is 500 lumens in the case of equipment K132 and K135 , while the most advanced model K335 reaches a figure of 1,000 lumens . In all three cases, we will have a dynamic contrast ratio of 10,000:1 and Acer dedicated technology to improve contrast . In addition, we must also emphasize their ability to project images at close range. The most advanced model can project images up to 66 inches to two feet, while teams K132 and K135 provide a yield close to 62 inches to two meters.

As said earlier, Acer wanted to highlight the compact design which have these models, especially the teams K132 and K135. Its dimensions are 14 x 11.6 x 4.1 inches, and have a weight of just over  400 grams. Meanwhile, the larger model Acer K335 up to the dimensions 23.2 x 16.6 4.6 inches and weighs 1.3 kilos , which is still quite acceptable. Another distinguishing features of these devices are their connections. All incorporate the connection MHL , used to connect a smartphone or tablet directly to the projector and play your content in real time.

The models K135 and K335 also have the connection Miracast and DLNA , a complete cast to maximize the potential of mobile devices. These projectors are also designed to “escape” from the computer. And we can directly load an Office file or a PDF file via a USB memory without touching the PC, a feature that speeds up the use of the projector when we take him to a meeting or presentation. The connections are completed with a port HDMI to connect to your computer and the option of incorporating wireless in all computers.

Finally, the Taiwanese company has also noted the LED technology lamps such equipment, which offers obvious advantages over traditional lamps. For example, its lifetime reaches up to 30,000 operating hours in ECO mode. In addition, its design is more respectful of the environment and allow for lower energy expenditure. The new projectors Acer Travel Series K will be available throughout August at prices from 430 euros for Acer Travel Series K132 , 490 euros for Acer Travel Series K125 and 750 euros for Acer Travel Series K335.

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