According to Mozilla, the majority of mobile developers prefer HTML5 to iOS and Android

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In a survey, the foundation says that the majority of mobile developers give priority to web, iOS and Android. Development only for Webkit is not inevitable.

Web, ie HTML5, a platform is a priority for mobile developers. In a survey of 590 developers, web platforms topped “main”, with 63% of developers. Follow with 44% and iOS Apps with 31% of respondents. Windows Phone and BlackBerry are abandoned them, with 39% and 51% of developers surveyed say do not aim for their applications.

This optimistic vision that beliefs of the foundation is to be weighted. “Many developers have shown their love for the web in this survey, but it was initiated by Mozilla. It is very likely that an investigation by Apple would have given different results, “said Mozilla in his post as well.

The conversion to the native people

“The love of the web” is not only one of the reasons for the popularity of the web developers. In addition to being composed of known languages, web applications are readily convertible into native applications.

Thus, developers of 590, 360 convert web to native platforms, including 325 using PhoneGap. Habit on which account also much to fill the RIM application store BlackBerry 10. Side javascript library, jQuery and jQuery mobile hold the upper hand, being used by 74% and 51% of developers surveyed.

Webkit is not the only engine covered by mobile

At the end of the first beta of the new Firefox for Android, we pointions mobile sites that weremainly developed for the engine Webkit (Chrome and Safari in particular), to the detriment of the Gecko rendering engine of Firefox. Just an observation shared by Mozilla in its investigation.

According to Mozilla, 71% of surveyed developers test their mobile sites on several engines. That still leaves 169 developers focusing only on the most popular engine in mobility. The reasons for Webkit-centered development are lack of time (55%) of clear benefit (42%), requirements set by the client (24%) and lack of documentation (23%).


Asked about the incompatibility of some mobile sites with its engine Gecko, the Mozilla Foundation spoke of a work in progress. “Mozilla and other browsers are trying to work with web developers with a view to provide content in a standardized language and usable on all browsers. We also encourage mobile application developers to create applications for all HTML5 browsers, and offer support for Gecko “explains Christian Heilmann,

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