According to Google, being the default search engine of the iPad worth 1,000 million dollar

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Little more can be added on the phenomenon tablet we are experiencing these days. A new concept of mobile device that is literally sweeping virtually every market in the world.To give you an idea, according to the study conducted by the company Marin Software , Google this sign in 2013 could reach about 5,000 million dollars solely from the sale of advertising on your browser for tablets (which would be a 15 % of total advertising revenues; big words).Furthermore, the effectiveness of advertising on tablets is about to overtake the PC.


And of course, it is impossible to talk about without mentioning the iPad tablet, which remains by far the leader in this booming market. This means that the gain of Google is itself Apple gain. In fact, according to figures from Morgan Stanley, Google would be willing to pay Apple to 1,000 million dollars in 2014 to remain the default search engine on all iOS devices .

The truth is that this collaboration should both companies, but more so to Google. For if the 5,000 million in advertising revenues via income add tablets and smartphones coming from the sale of digital content (TV, movies, apps, music …) on Android devices by the end of this year the total income related to the Mobile area would exceed 25% of total company revenue .

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