A ZIP file Trojan that pretends to be an invoice and modifies the Windows registry

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  • The virus is installed and connected to malicious sites remote housed.
  • The recommended not to enter pages of dubious origin and update the browser and operating system.
  • It also detected a significant failure in safety 10 and 11 versions of Adobe Reader.
The National Institute of Communication Technologies (Inteco) has cataloged the computer virus Bredo.JX a trojan for Windows that reaches computers through a spam and modifies the system registry .

The Trojan is received in a ZIP file attached to an email that pretends to be an invoice for a service that is not specified.When opened, the virus installs and connects to remote malicious sites hosted, modifies the Windows registry and download new “malware” on your computer.

The Inteco has recommended not to visit sites of dubious origin , they open many pop-ups, “with directions to look strange or unreliable.” Also advised to keep updated the browser and operating system and have an updated antivirus installed on their systems.

The detected Inteco also a security flaw in versions 10 and 11 of Adobe Reader that allows an attacker to perform malicious activities.

The Internet User Security Office advises using an alternative application to open PDF documents until the problem is fixed and not open PDF files from unknown sources, disable the Adobe Reader plugin for the browser and avoid javascript code to run when opening the such files.

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