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On March 6 the first anniversary of the launch of Google Play. it is curious that Google has not taken to update the numbers of apps available or sold. Play, after all, is a central part of its mobile strategy, the service formerly known as Android Market, expanded to offer all kinds of multimedia content (which lost the name “Android” in favor of Google’s own makes a year is also significant).

Google Play

Google Play

During the last Mobile World Congress had the opportunity to meet with other journalists-Europeans with Hirosi Lockheimer, vice president of engineering for Android division, to discuss Google Play and Google’s strategy with its operating system. There are several things that intrigue me the strategy considering Google and Samsung launches tomorrow possibly be the best selling Android handset this 2013 is a good time to bring some of what we talked about the blog.

1. Nexus . What is your role within Google? Clearly not a highly profitable product, because Google is sold almost at cost manufacturing. Google’s idea is that if you do not give a phone to serve as a model for manufacturers no way to maintain the structure of the market. Each manufacturer would push Android into a different direction.

There is a part altruistic Android, the idea of ​​creating a free operating system, but the Android we know, what we see in high-end devices from HTC, Samsung, etc … is an animal of a different nature. Here the vision of Google-and-care services. It matters a lot, actually. Nexus Hence there as a role model, although icnluso phones and tablets are not the pinnacle in performance.

2. Android and ChromeOS . Little new to say in this space, except that ChromeOS is the machine that Google understands as “perfect” to enjoy their services (mainly Google Apps). Every time it seems more sensible to describe computer ChromeOS like Google wants for its own employees. Lockheimer ensures that there is no friction between Android and ChromeOS computers and operating systems pursue different use cases but ruled that in the future there will be more interaction between the two.

3. Issues . Nothing new. Expected an announcement last day six with updated numbers of activations or apps sold. I’m not the only one . Right now the last official figure of 700,000 speech applications, 500 million Android devices in the market since the launch of the platform and 1.3 million new activations per day. A detail is itself revealed that payment to developers has quadrupled in the last year.

4 (and last). Google Now. According to officials of Google will be one of the focuses of this year Google and the funny thing is that attention may not be focused exclusively on the Android platform. Yesterday a video leaked on Youtube gave clues about a version for iOS devices .

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