A Wii Pro controller U flavored Super Nintendo

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The video game retailer EB Games has included in its catalog a Classic Controller Pro Australian Wii U that is inspired by the command of veteran Super Nintendo. Developed by an outside company to Super Nintendo not specified in their catalog, the price control is 48 Australian dollars (about 38 euros). holds the shape of official Nintendo controller, but its design in the center and the colors chosen, evoking the iconic command console of 16 bits of the Japanese company.

According to the official descriptions of the product on sites like Amazon or Game Stop, command Wii U Controller Pro, which has a more traditional setting, has a battery that reaches up to 80 hours.picks description that is “designed be accessible and provide greater comfort of the game “, and has” two analog sticks and buttons configuration expected and with a rechargeable battery that can last up to 80 hours on a single charge. ” It also states that “The Wii U Pro Controller can be used with a variety of games “that indicate on its face, but that” is not compatible with the Wii and its games. “This command is available individually, except different packages that can include the command next to the console.

Michel Ancel , creator of Rayman , has some new details on the Wii Remote U. “The technology that lies inside the command is a little more advanced than people may think , “said Ancel. ” It responds really well . response time is crazy, in fact, believe that competitors will need some time to find solutions to this response. ‘s crazy because as a game runs at Full HD, other images are sending the command screen, all at 60 frames per second “. “And the command latency is only 1/60 of a second .’s crazy to be so fast.’s almost instantaneous. That’s why we respond so well. So it can be used as real to design games . ” Wii U will hit stores on November 30 in two different models, one normal and one 299.99 euros 349.99 euros premium.

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