A U.S. judge stops the sale of the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus

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Samsung suffers another blow in their eternal struggle with the giant Apple patents. A U.S. court has blocked sales of smart phones Samsung Galaxy Nexus because “there is a possibility that Samsung has infringed its patents.

A U.S. federal court has blocked the sale of mobile phones Samsung Galaxy Nexus in the United States. 
This is a new chapter in the 
patent dispute that maintain Apple and Samsung. This is the second decision in favor of Apple in a court.

Tuesday had already banned the sale of the new Samsung tablet . Apple claims to have “proof that Samsung has redesigned its product to resemble that of Apple.” In his decision, Judge Lucy Koh has secured a ban on sales to the resolution of patent disputes between the two companies informatiques.

The Judge Lucy Koh said in its order that Apple “has shown that there is a possibility that Samsung has infringed its patents.” Specifically, four had infringed patents Samsung, according to Apple. On the one hand, “the universal interface for information on a computer system,” “the system to perform an action on a data structure generated by computer,” “graphical interface to provide recommendations to the user of words” and finally, action “slide to unlock” the phone.

Yet not all is positive for the company on the block , because the judge forced him to pay a deposit of nearly $ 100 million to be enforced few precautionary measures prior to trial. The amount used to secure the payment of damages to Samgsun in the event that the judgment was favorable to it.

“We will take all available measures, including any legal action, to ensure that the Galaxy Nexus is still available to consumers,” Samsung said in a statement.

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