A Tokyo court rules that Samsung violated Apple’s patent in three models

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  • A Japanese court has ruled that unauthorized used in tablets and smartphones effect technology called “elastic” or “rebound”.
  • This is a configuration that roduce the aesthetic effect that the tab is removed rebounds slightly once it is “away” with your finger.
  • Apple claimed damages of about 772,000 euros for violating this patent, but has not yet ruled on the amount of compensation.



Tokyo A judge ruled Friday that the South Korean electronics manufacturer Samsung Electronics infringed a patent U.S. rival Apple related visual technology used in their phones and tablets.

The Japanese court at first instance considered that Samsung has used in an unauthorized manner in models of three sets of tablets and “smartphones” Galaxy technology needed to create the effect called “elastic” or “rebound” when the action is performed horizontally move a tab with your finger, NHK reported.

The South Korean firm has argued that none of the models subject to these proceedings remains in productionThis configuration patented by Apple produces the aesthetic effect of the device on the interface that the tab is removed rebounds slightly once it is “away” with the finger.

However, the judge tokiota still must estimate the amount of compensation that the South Korean giant will pay the firm at the apple under the judgment.

At the time of filing the complaint, Apple claimed damages of about 100 million yen (772,000 euros).

For its part, the South Korean firm “three stars” has argued that none of the phone and tablet models subject to these proceedings remains in production .

“After an exhaustive review of the judgment, determine whether present or not an appeal,” he told Efe a spokesman for the company based in the South Korean city of Suwon.

Apple maintains a legal battle with Samsung , its largest competitor, by mutual accusations of violation of patents in court than a dozen countries

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