A super battery for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 launched

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No less than 3,100 milliamperes , resulting in 16 hours autonomy intensive . Those are the records associated with the battery that comes standard with the  Samsung Galaxy Note 2 . Its quad-core processor , huge 5.5-inch display and powerful charge of incorporating the functions that today is the fastest phone on the market and large they require a unit of its kind, and rarely a user could complain that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 battery runs out quickly. However, it would be possible to work especially hard sessions we could get to fall short in this regard.

The solution, in this case, happen in two ways: either go dressed in a formal supplementary battery , which we surtiríamos of 3100 additional milliamps, or resort to installing an even more powerful unit. And so we come to this option Mugen Power . What we have now is a external battery, darling, 6,400 milliamps . That is, more than double what is standard on Samsung Galaxy Note 2 . This, theoretically, would be able to provide us with more than double the autonomy -about 32 hours, supposedly – but would need to pass a test on this unit before we launch into that statement.

This battery is installed in an external enclosure which logically will delay device dimensions . But who wants something, something hard. And what if it costs. In this case, not only in size but also in price, as a supplementary unit that will go on sale on December 21 , has a price of about $ 100, which at current exchange rates come to be about 77 euros . Actually, it’s not a particularly high cost, when you consider the amount of additional energy that will fill the phone I wanted to be tablet . However, some people will not want to scratch his pocket, but it is hoped that if it doubles autonomy indices  Samsung Galaxy Note 2 , worth making spending.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

The external battery pack Mugen Power will be available in two colors, white and gray , so you can be as integrated as possible with the general appearance of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 , depending on the model you have. It’s funny because between the specifications of the unit is exposed is provided connectivity to NFC .

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 , which at the last official count of units sold had managed to seduce more than five million users worldwide , and in just a couple of months – is a device currently runs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean . In addition to that processor quad-core and 5.5-inch pantallon , highlighted by the presence of a two GB RAM , as well as the many unique features that are linked to their attachment header, capacitive stylus S Pen , with which not only can write and draw on the Super AMOLED HD panel of this Samsung Galaxy Note 2 , it also works for previews of content without opening files or to squeeze terminal multitasking options.

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