A student creates a Batman costume … that works!

The 21 decided to find suitable materials for its creation was functional without limiting their mobility.


Gordon Jackson is no ordinary boy of 21 years. By day studying Industrial Design at the University of Philadelphia, but Gordon has another side, a darker, rougher and more enigmatic.

Hanging in his workshop, Gordon has a full suit with reinforced plates, layer and a matte black hood, made ​​to stop a knife. Gordon has an alter ego : the very Dark Knight , Batman.

Could imagine that the story of its origin is shrouded in mystery, but when he spoke to CNN, Gordon quickly explained how the transformation occurred.

Gordon said he discovered his vocation five years ago, when he began experimenting with cosplay .

“Previously was immersed in making costumes … I made ​​a version of Batsuit trilogy The Dark Knight Christopher Nolan and I liked that outfit, “says Gordon.

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