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Among the sensations caused by the iPad mini among people who take it for the first time on your hands  there are two fundamental. The first is its lightness, as it weighs only 308 grams while its back cover is from solid aluminum. The second is its size. It seems so small. The Apple tablet reduced is an iPad 2 condensed in a smaller space, but it has proved a thumbnail. Their natural areas can be several, but ahead of the Christmas season, pointing to many female handbags. Fits over any of them and not heavy.

With the iPad mini can do the same things as the original, although productivity are most resent the smallest screen size of 7.9 inches compared to 9.7 of his brother. It is also very fine. Its thickness is 7.2 millimeters. Write or draw, for example, is more difficult on the small screen of the iPad mini in the large. Instead, read eBooks, surf the internet, email or review the applications execute various activities and games are not generally suffer from the reduction in area.

In favor of the new Apple tablet plays its excellent finish and a display, to be 4:3, appears wider than the rest of the competition of 7 inches. Another element that makes it attractive is 275,000 tablet-specific applications has available compared to the few that has competition. Android has matched over 700,000 of the iPhone, but not even explain how many tablets have. RT Windows can not compete at the moment, as it has only just hit the market.

Instead, the Apple tablet is less competitive on price. The 329 euros out of the initial model (wi-fi and 16 GB) are not prohibitive, but seen some alternatives, such as Google Nexus 7 (16 GB for $ 199 and 32GB for $ 249) or the Kindle Fire HD (199 euros), the Christmas battle of the tablets will be very intense.

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