A Nokia Lumia 920 is crushed by a truck and still works

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The owners of mobile Nokia Lumia 920 know they have their hands on one of the most robust terminals are manufactured to date, which confirms the reputation about the Finnish company. But just know that one of these devices continued to function after a 24-ton truck apsara above him.

The owner of one of these devices, called Ossi Pyykkonen , has reported that he dropped his model while working (from what I did not realize). To his surprise he began to hear the tone of his phone calls and that look in his pocket was not. When he found him, this was buried in the ground by the pressure, but with the screen in very poor condition , to say something. But he left his surprise as the Nokia Lumia 920 still worked.

I have a couple of pictures, posted on Phone Arena , showing the state in which it was the terminal after a truck of 24 tons will pass over … the truth is that his appearance would not think that would work, but well is.

Nokia 920 crushed

Nokia 920 crushed

Nokia 920 crushed

Nokia 920 crushed



Owner Satisfaction

Obviously it is good news that a high-end terminal is broken, as is the case, but it is true that the resistance shown by the Nokia Lumia 920 is very large and, because it was still working Pyykkonen could save the most important information I had inside. The consequence of this is that the user has already indicated that it is planning to buy a model exactly.

The truth is that this terminal has repeatedly demonstrated its resistance to all kinds of falls and impacts, so that if there was a model that could withstand a test so demanding, this is the Nokia Lumia 920. The truth is that this manufacturer has a reputation for great endurance of their products and, as shown, is well deserved.


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