A new Java vulnerability affects versions 5.6 and 7

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A Polish security firm has published that has discovered a new security flaw in the Java virtual machine which could affect 1000 million users in the network , which would allow malicious applications running on the computer that accesses the navigator pages Java that are affected.

It seems that this vulnerability affects versions 5, 6 and 7 of Java on Mac OS X, Windows, Linux and Solaris .

According to the firm Security Explorations, which has been commissioned to publish this security flaw, the vulnerability would run an applet or a malicious application that would use the ruling to allow hackers to act as administrators, thereby bypassing the machine protection virtual .

For the moment, though the fault appears large, there is no evidence that any hacker has taken advantage of this.

Oracle has not commented anything about this discovery though, according to the CEO of Security Explorations, and l manufacturer already know this bug and is working on a solution that would launch in a few weeks.For now, security experts recommend disabling the Java VM on pages that are not trusted by the user, according to sources.

Only last month it was revealed another security flaw in Java , detected for the latest version of  Java RE (1.7) , and which can be activated from any browser. At the time, security firms recommended  that users uninstall the plug-in  Java  (version 1.7) of all browsers that support it ( Internet Explorer ,  Google Chrome ,  Mozilla Firefox , Safari  and Opera ). The vulnerability has been repaired a few days later by Oracle.

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