A new Android malware infects 100,000 terminals in China

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A new Android malware distributed applications store China Mobile has already infected 100,000 users. The virus in question is dangerous because it changes the preferences of user access to the store, allowing the purchase of unauthorized applications. Managers can purchase content without the user being aware .

Cybercriminals are looking for ways to compromise the security of Android users. Google’s system has several features that make it particularly vulnerable . Specifically, based on an open source system and the fact that there are no controlled app stores from Google make its security more complex.

Security experts had warned that this year would be marked by Android threats and hackers and cyber criminals do not stop them right. The latter case Trustgo discovered by the company, has already affected more than 100,000 users. Specifically, are users of the operator China Mobile , with over 600 million customers.

The malware in question is called MMarketPay.A and would be installed within distributed applications in the app store of China Mobile. By downloading infected applications, malware is installed on smartphone users, changing the configuration of access to China Mobile store.

The aim of the change is that those responsible for the malware to take control of the devices to purchase paid applications without the consent of users. Customers are not aware of the problem until they receive bills for the charges incurred. Cybercriminals can deposit money fraudulently purchased applications or sell to customers shopping for a percentage of the transaction.

The malware in question has already been identified in 100,000 different computers, but expansion could be much greater volume of customers of China Mobile. The success of malware for Android is a new example of the need to improve security in the Google system , but above all negligence claim in the app store of China Mobile.

For cases like this patching experts caution when shopping in stores that are not Google play and control the charges incurred on the cards or accounts associated with those stores.

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