A meteorite that came from Mars is unique

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A small black colored rock found in the Moroccan desert in 2011 is causing a sensation among scientists and that according to their research, this represents a new type of meteorite from Mars.

Black Beauty or “Black Beauty” as they say of affection (officially Northwest Africa 7034) is a rock that weighs just 320 grams whose chemistry and texture are completely different you to any other object that has been collected from the Martian surface. According to researchers in Black Beauty is 2,000 million years old and, although it shares characteristics with other meteorites of the same planet, has some features that make it unique.

One such feature is the amount of water was found, about 6,000 parts per million, that is 10 times more water than is found in any sample “rich water”.

Carl Agee, leader of the group of scientists from the University of New Mexico in charge of the study of this meteorite, says that all types of the red planet meteor fall into one of three categories: Shergotty, Nakhla and Chassigny but Black Beauty is will have to create a new category.

Northwest Africa 7034 helps reinforce the theory that Mars at some fucking of his life could have been warmer, moist and even could have supported life.

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