A massive cyber attack affecting Internet speed

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One of the biggest cyber attacks reported so far on the Internet has caused the speed in Network worldwide is altered. Caused by a dispute between the organization and the company Spamhaus CyberBunker storage, is especially affecting such popular services like Netflix .

The conflict started after Spamhaus , based in London and Geneva, has brought to CyberBunker used as a platform for the dissemination of spam. Spanhaus fighting spam and has a series of lists detailing the sites and services that promote it.

In this list, appears CyberBunker classified as spam platform .Something that has raised the ire of their employees and, according to Spamhaus, has led them to attack their systems in retaliation.

According to security experts quoted by the BBC , the attack Spamhaus is the biggest in Internet history .

300 GB of information per second

Apparently DDoS attacks have been used which have attempted Spanhaus block systems, but have been unsuccessful. It has come to send 300 GB of information per second against antispam organization systems, an amount never before seen. And is that the attacks in which 50 GB are reached and are considered very serious.

The dispute between Spamhaus and CyberBunker, and the size of the attack, is impacting the operation of the Internet worldwide .

The decrease in speed and network problems have been felt in a particularly sensitive in some services such as Netflix. In addition, experts have said that soon the consequences may increase and may ariseproblems email services and even banking systems .


Correction : This story cyberattack claimed that this was “the largest ever” when it comes to an opinion of “experts” consulted by the BBC, specifically the non-profit organization Spamhouse.

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