A magic carpet to Prevent Falls

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They call it the “magic carpet”, Because It has sensors detect possible to Prevent That falls and mobility problems in the person walking on it, as Demonstrated by scientists at the University of Manchester.

Its creators plastic optical fibers Placed under the carpet, flexible enough to bend When someone walks over and create a pattern, real time, the way of walking.

At the ends of the design are Placed sensors send signals That Directly to a computer, information is to give a picture Analyzed for experts to analyze changes in gait or detect a sudden incident slipping and falling Such as.

Smart Sensors

The Reason That One of These mats Could be useful in the future is That Between 30% and 40% of the elderly, at least in the UK every year fallers.

Falls are the MOST common injury among the elderly and in Countries like the UK, with a strong Presence In This section of the population, account for 50% of hospital admissions for people over 65 years.

But scientists believe this rate That Could be Reduced by Placing mats smart hospitals or nursing homes, or homes in Their Own IF NECESSARY.

As NOTED, The Invention That Provide caregivers Develop exercises allow the elderly to Improve balance and muscle strength of the legs.

Improve balance

The carpet has been developed by three interdisciplinary teams of the University of Manchester using a novel technique similar to tomographic scanners hospital.

“Thisproject Demonstrates how engineers, scientists and health professionals can work together to Develop New and Innovative Technologies “

Christine Brown Wilson, a scientist at the University of Manchester

Using This technology, the carpet underneath Propagates Light That Allows to Achieve two-dimensional images.

“The carpet can be installed at low cost, in order to adapt the living space With The changing needs of its residents, Which is Particularly relevant With An aging population and Those with Disabilities,” said Dr. Patricia Scully, the institute Photonics Science.

“This project Demonstrates how engineers, scientists and health professionals can work together to Develop New and Innovative Technologies that will make a difference in practice,” said Christine Brown Wilson meanwhile, the department of nursing and social work.

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