A jump from the gates of space

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The Austrian Felix Baumgartner will be launched on Tuesday from a capsule to 36,576 meters in height to set a record freefall.

A Felix Baumgartner, Austrian 43, like heights. And even jumping off them. This extreme sport has completed a handful of spectacular jumps from iconic locations around the world, as Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur or Taipei 101, the tallest building in the world. has also been the first man to cross the English Channel in freefall with the help of a carbon fiber wing. But on Tuesday October 9 will embark on an adventure that no human has ever experienced: a jump from 36,576 meters high.Stratospheric. Teledeporte televise live the feat from 1400.

The project, called Red Bull Stratos, has been delayed in July after the pressurized capsule used for “trampoline” is damaged when landing in a rugged area of New Mexico (USA). It happened after the last test jump: Baumgartner was launched from an altitude of 29,610 meters and reached a speed of 864 kilometers per hour, “flew” as fast as a commercial jet and a few minutes later landed safely with his parachute in the desert .

Baumgartner and his team have been preparing a long time in order tobreak the record set 52 years ago by the American Colonel Joe Kittinger. On August 16, 1960, Kittinger made his last jump from the Excelsior III gondola to 31,300 meters. During a free fall of 4 minutes and 36 seconds reaching a top speed of 988 km / h before opening his parachute at 5,500 m altitude.

“Prove that a human being can break the sound barrier in the stratosphere and back to Earth safely could be the first step in creating emergency procedures at the gates of space that currently do not exist,” says Baumgartner. But to try to beat the jump up to four records: fastest free fall, jump higher altitude manned balloon flight high altitude and longest freefall. A helium balloon of 850,000 cubic meters capacity and made of a type Ultrathin plastic carry the capsule to the 36,576 meters. The early fall in New Mexico is one of the best times of year to launch stratospheric balloons.

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