A iPhone in various sizes and colors?

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More colors and sizes. Analysts at Apple seem to bet for new iPhone models S5 for the month of July, which would bring novelty to incorporate new colors and, above all, different screen sizes.

Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone

The more explicit in their predictions is the analyst Topeka signing Brian White who committed an iPhone in two or three sizes, a prediction that you made ​​earlier, and was not fulfilled. The idea is quite logical if one takes into account that Apple has already done with tablets, where, despite denying start small sizes, finished with a iPad mini to counter competition. This factor is the fact that the consumer preference for mobile displays increasingly large (the same Apple has increased its iPhone from 3.5 to 4 inches). 

“We believe that Apple is going around the fact that size fits the iPhone is not liked by everyone. Offer consumers other options have the potential to extend the product market,” White wrote in a note to its investors.

The variety of screens would also entail a range of prices, and so finally enter the battle of the smartphones means-something that has been speculating for the Chinese market, with a smaller iPhone screen and price.

Competition from Samsung and other manufacturers, united around the Android operating system, forcing Apple to react with greater agility than in the past. The industry calendar and mark not only Apple, but must also respond to ads for Samsung, which from this month start selling in the U.S. the new Galaxy S4.

Two months later, in June, Apple programmers often gather your iOS system in San Francisco and, in that context, announces major developments, previously only computer but lately also in other fields. So White expects the new iPhone 5S is released in July, but is announced in June.

Regarding colors, analysts also embark on the adventure: the traditional black and white, would add a third, and of course neither yellow, blue or red, colors that break with the image of your logo and aesthetics of their stores based on white, black and silver of their Mac You’d think the iPhone incorporate that third color.

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