A Guide to Buying the Best-Looking Eyeglasses for Men

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For many men eyeglasses are not an item that seems worth trying to make stylish or fashionable. A number of men buy glasses based primarily on comfort or cost, which can be a smart approach. However, men who want to clean up or pull together their appearances a little can start by putting more effort into choosing their glasses. Here are a few simple tips for choosing men eyeglasses that will look both distinctive and attractive.


Find the Best Frame for Facial Shape


There is no single style of glasses that looks most flattering for everyone. This is because whether glasses appear attractive depends largely on how well the glasses balance out a person’s facial shape. Men can use these guidelines for identifying facial shape and buying the right pair of glasses:


  • A square face, which has a wide forehead and strong jawline, looks best with round glasses.
  • A round face, which is roughly the same height and width, looks more angular with square or rectangular glasses.
  • An oval or oblong face, which is longer than it is wide, looks great in fashion glasses and wrap glasses, which add width.
  • A triangular face, which is narrower in the chin than the forehead, looks balanced with glasses like aviators that are widest at the bottom.


It’s easiest to determine facial shape by looking at a photograph rather than looking in the mirror. Men who cannot decide which of two face shapes they have can try on a few pairs of glasses, following the recommendations above, and see which pair looks most natural.


Choose the Correct Color Tone


Consider skin tone and coordinating color palettes when it comes to buying eyeglasses. Taking these small factors into account can make a big difference. The three skin tones are warm, cool, and neutral. People with cooler skin tones have skin that appears more red or pink, while people with peach or yellow tones have a warm skin tone. People with warmer skin will look better in glasses with warmer shades, such as mahogany, tortoise, copper, and beige. For people with cooler skin tones, glasses with cool and steely tones, including blue, gray, and silver, will look best. People with neutral tones can pick milder colors from either palette.


Stick to the Right Size


It can be easy to compromise on sizing when paying attention to other characteristics such as color, shape, and price, but glasses that are sized incorrectly will look ungainly or feel uncomfortable. If a frame is so small that it interferes with the normal field of vision, the glasses are probably poorly sized. At the other end of the size spectrum, frames that protrude past the side of the face can appear awkward and make the face look unbalanced. The best way to ensure correct sizing is to visit a professional lens shop and use the figures they produce to shop for more affordable glasses elsewhere.


Try Before Buying


Finally, it is always essential to personally model a pair of glasses before committing to them. This doesn’t rule out shopping virtually, since some websites feature apps that display selected glasses over an uploaded personal photograph. Whether shopping in person or online, it is crucial to try out each prospective pair, since the attractiveness of glasses can vary remarkably between different people.

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