A green bubble in the sky

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IC1295 Nebula, located 3,300 light years from Earth in the constellation of the Southern Hemisphere Celestial Shield, has been photographed in great detail by one of the big four European VLT telescopes in Chile , and it appears in the image as a striking green bubble. Ionized oxygen is shining in that color, the astronomers of the European Southern Observatory (ESO).

IC1295 Nebula

IC1295 Nebula

The stars of the size of the Sun or larger (up to eight times its mass) end their lives as white dwarfs, when they have consumed the fuel that makes them shine by nuclear fusion reactions inside. In the transition to the white dwarf stage, the star no longer hold its atmosphere and this spans the surrounding space so that, for a few thousand years, the star is surrounded by this kind of bubble gaseous nebula is called planetary ESO experts added. The gas glows because it is bathed by the strong ultraviolet radiation emitted by the dying star and different chemical elements glow in different colors. In the case of IC1295, is dominant ionized oxygen, which glows green.

The Sun also become a planetary nebula when his life and engulf the planets expanded atmosphere which has about, including Earth. Our star has already some 4,600 million years and are so many about.

In IC11295 image, seen in the center of the nebula the core of the old star as a bluish white dot, will eventually become a white dwarf weak cold in many billions of years.

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