A glove for cancer

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A group of scientists from the U.S. Singularity University is developing a glove equipped with sensors capable of detecting breast cancer.

The idea is to facilitate the work of physicians in diagnosing this type of disease and give ordinary people a technology reliable enough to take the exam on their own.

The widget is one of the first proposals to develop a real tricorder, the technology used by the protagonists of the fiction series Star Trek to diagnose diseases.

Four sensors

The glove has four sensors, a vibration sensor in the palm and sound sensors and accelerometers. With it, the researchers hope that doctors can detect nodules within the breast, and other injuries.

“This could be something that all doctors have. Noticed that many technologies are getting away from the patient to the doctor, many spend much time looking at pictures, writing notes, instead of being in bed next to the patient,” he told BBCMundo, Andrew Bishara, Harvard medical student and one of the designers of the widget.

In order to bring doctors and patients physically, Bishara says team have developed technology to facilitate the diagnosis of cancer through a tool to optimize the sense of touch.

For now, the glove would allow doctors to know if they are doing the test properly, if overtightened, or if they do it with the proper orientation.

But the team is already working on incorporating ultrasound systems in the fingertips of the glove, so that doctorespuedan see inside the womb while handling.

The system is still in a very experimental stage and its inventors are still working on a final prototype before starting clinical trials, that estimate will begin next year.

The Star Trek tricorder

Med SensationsResearchers hope that the glove ends up looking like in this photo and has more sensors.

Earlier this year, we announced the unusual competition organized by the U.S. company Qualcomm, which offered a prize of $ 10 million to those who design the tricorder, a unit dummy used by the crew of Star Trek to diagnose diseases and other indicators key health.

“We believe the sensor technology being cheaper and better, more sensitive. As a result in the future we will be able to incorporate more sensors than we have now, much more sensitive,” said Bishara.

And is that the sensor glove intended as more than a device to detect cancer, it is also expected that in the future be able to diagnose other types of injuries or illnesses.

Andrew Bishara, along with colleagues and Fransiska Elishai Ezrar Hadiwidja sensor working in the glove under the seal of the company Med Sensation.

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