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First came the eBooks, just before Christmas, Amazon added to its catalog Fire tablet seven inch. The e-commerce giant has started offering the model in  larger, 8.9-inch, from its catalog .



The surface is similar to the iPad, but not the weight, or the screen frame.However, it comes with a new price depends on whether or not to accept advertising, although trade calls “special offers”, the remainder 15 euros to the price. The 16-gigabyte model costs 284 euros and 314 with double the memory. Within this screensaver are sponsored advertising, offers of accessories, the store books, apps, games and songs. In any case, clear that at any time you can pay 15 euros for elimininar this advertising that appears when the device is idle or in the bottom of the home screen but not while browsing, use an application or watching a movie . In any case, it is assumed that access to the server to load the ad is an additional expense of battery and transfer of user data to the store.

Among the advantages is the ease of use. Comes with browser, direct access to the digital content store. The catalog is large and can also be installed on a computer. The operating system used is an adaptation of Android, but much simpler.

It dispenses with the 3G connection. Kindle is not intended for professional use, but focuses on the home. Large buttons, carousel with the most used, and easy erasure little setup menu. The battery holds a working day away from the plug without problems.

It dispenses with the superfluous. No buttons, no back camera, but with Skype preinstalled front for video conferencing. The screen is supposedly impossible to scratch. The sound quality with Dolby technology, improvement over its predecessor. Not as fancy as an iPad or Galaxy Tab, but gives sturdy feeling.

Those who already have a Kindle your books will appear as if by magic.Miracles of the cloud to facilitate moving from one to another with a pileup same book without complications.

Unlike usual when Amazon launches a product in Spain, this time there is expected since the order is placed until it arrives. If you want, you can be in 24 hours.

According to IDC, the iPad from Apple, born just three years ago lost its lead before the end of 2013 . It will at the hands of precisely these models from Amazon and Nexus 7, sponsored by Google.

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