A giant iPhone pays tribute to Steve Jobs in St. Petersburg

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Steve Jobs has a new monument in his honor, this time in the Russian city of St. Petersburg. This is a reproduction of 1.80 meters of a next generation iPhone.In this particular monument can view images and data on Steve Jobs and you can access the page created by Apple to send messages of appreciation to the figure of Jobs.

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Apple co-founder Steve Jobs died on October 5, 2011. His death was a great impact on the world of technology and generated endless tributes worldwide.The surveys did mention Jobs undeniable role in the modern technological world and conducted various initiatives to remind the co-founder of the Cupertino company.

Among these initiatives, a foundation called The Progress promoted a competition to create a memorial to Jobs that would be in the St. Petersburg University of Information Technologies. Students could participate by presenting their proposals.

Months after the initiative, the winning project has materialized and the tribute to Jobs and Russian in college. Specifically, according to Ria Novosti medium, has opened a giant reproduction of an iPhone that will remind the founder of Apple.This is a reproduction of 1.80 meters, which has the form of an iPhone and a screen that displays photographs of American genius.

Given the close relationship of Jobs with iPhone development, it was considered appropriate to adopt this as a tribute. In such a giant iPhone images and data occur in the life of Steve Jobs, so that students and visitors can meet the founder of Apple. Also, in the back of the iPhone has placed a QR code that accesses data on Jobs and tribute page set up after his death

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