A Faster Facebook for iPhone & iPAD

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At last. improved Facebook application for the iPhone OS and the tablet iPad , iOS. The social network announced today that the new version will improve the speed of access to his universe from Apple mobile devices.

The program multiplies the speed again in the use of various functions, starting from the start of the application until now frustratingly slow. It also improves the speed with which the pictures or querying the latest.

The change also aims to simplify implementation. “We found that many people use it with one hand. Now be easily mass open or close a photo simply by touching the screen with your thumb,” according  product manager of the company.

The remodeled application, which will be available this morning on the Apple App Store, is compatible with version 4.3 and later operating system of iPhone mobile manufacturer. The change may encourage customers to spend more time Apple using the program and, in turn, increase their exposure to advertising, the company created by Mark Zuckerberg as water May need to convince investors that really put emphasis on mobility.

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