A Dutch company sues Facebook for button likes

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A Dutch company has sued Facebook for the button ‘ I like ‘and other social network features, reports the BBC . The complaint was filed by Rembrandt Social Media Company, acting on behalf of the widow of a Dutch developer, according to the complaint, invented the famous button.


According to the official report, the widow of Joannes Everardus Jozef Van Der Meer, the Dutch developer, says in the lawsuit filed in a court in Virginia, that the success of the social network founded by Mark Zuckerberg is based, in part, on the programming done by Van Der Meer. Facebook has declined to comment on it. 

Rembrandt Social Media owns patents Dutch programmer who created a social network (SurfBook), before his death in 2004. Patents programming Van Der Meer were awarded in 1998, five years before the appearance of Facebook. 

SurfBook social diary was allowed to share information with friends and family and had the button likes. According to the Dutch company, Facebook knows these patents because quoted in your own applications. 

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