A device used to supply the energy itself pacemaker heartbeat

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The beating heart is an energy source. The heartbeat energy exists, and as such can be transformed. This is what researchers have succeeded in the U.S.: the power feed heartbeat pacemaker patient. Patients could then feed their own pacemaker is a device that converts experimental phase energy in a heartbeat electricity enough to power a pacemaker.

 The patients could then feed their own pacemaker , eliminating the need to replace the batteries if they are exhausted, according to results of this research, published in Journal of the American Heart Association . In the study, which was presented at the scientific sessions of the American Heart Association , scientists tested a collection device that uses energy piezoelectricity (electric charge generated by the movement) . In their experiments generated the collector observed over ten times the power required by modern pacemaker. has half the size of the pacemaker batteries.

The next step is the introduction of energy collector, which is approximately half the size of batteries currently used in pacemakers.Researchers hope to integrate this technology into commercial pacemakers. According to the study’s lead author and researcher at the Department of Aerospace Engineering from the University of Michigan (USA), Amin Karami, this device is a tool “promising” for technology pacemakers. existing pacemakers must be replaced after spending five to seven years since its inception, when their batteries run out, which is costly.This type of electricity could also be used in other implantable cardiac devices , such as defibrillators, which have minimum energy requirements.

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