A biodegradable shoe that can be used as compost

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  • Is used for manufacturing organic matter very wet and without metal
  • In the soles biodegradable thermoplastic materials are used
  • It is expected that by 2015, 20,000 million pairs of shoes are incinerated.

A Valencian brand of footwear goes on sale in September a shoe biodegradable after use, can be discarded in the compost household organic waste or relatives. The marketing of this product will end a period of three years of research.

The main material with which the shoe is made of organic matter -FORM-high moisture content and low metal. The manufacturing process of the shoe is made with titanium tanning (in place of chromium), as it is a metal without toxic effects and it degrades rapidly. For the soles are used biodegradable thermoplastic materials.For manufacturing the shoe is used for tanning of titanium and thermoplastic soles.

The research, begun three years have involved the testing of laboratory and pilot tests at the University of Vigo, composting material evidence in Navarre, and testing in an industrial composting plant in Barcelona with 60 pairs of shoes.

We also have conducted tests of seed germination and phytotoxicity of fertilization in pots in the greenhouse at different plant species, with very positive results.

An increasingly widespread sensitivity

The idea of creating a shoe of this type emerged almost two decades from a project that sought to make shoes respectfully with nature and without using toxic materials.

Ernesto Segarra, project manager, said that in 2015 it is expected that 20,000 million pairs of shoes will incinerators around the world and therefore rely on the success of a new product “that is in line with increasing awareness society in environmental protection. “

This shoe ” is only the first step in the development of compostable products applied to fashion . So instead of throwing the shoe away or incinerated, can be used to compost or recycle home composting in industrial plants, “he assured Segarra.

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