8 reasons to use Windows 8

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Microsoft today launched its new Windows 8 , a platform that must mean the evolution of the company into a more typical of mobile devices. The touchstone in behind this system is the new interface, until recently called Metro , which has a look and feel similar to Windows Phone 8 . Immersion in a mobile environment is remarkable, and is complete with the arrival of an own application store of Microsoftwhere you soon find a lot of apps (expected to reach 100,000 apps in February). But that does not mean it has forgotten the lifelong user of Windows , the proof is the preservation of traditional desktop . In this article we will tell you eight reasons to bet on the new U.S. company.

1. If you buy a device  touch , the user experience is quite comprehensive and intuitive. The controls are suitable for manufacturers to go for several alternatives to the presence of a touch screen. You have hit the market tablets, ultrabooks with touchscreen or hybrid devices that shed a very interesting and varied.It seems that manufacturers are being taken seriously this system.

2. Despite the new interface,  Windows 8 will retain the traditional desktop with the ability to use specific applications for this platform. And it has worked the compatibility of this system for the vast majority of applications that worked with Windows 7 are fully operational in the new system.


3. An  application store that  Microsoft is planning to fill with 100,000 apps for February (8,000 during its launch), a large percentage of which will be free. The possibility of combining Android with traditional applications can generate a very comprehensive platform that results in a user experience very interesting.

4. The  starting speed of the new system. This aspect has been greatly improved over the previousWindows 7 and allows figures are reached very competitive, especially when you count on memory cardsSSD . For instance,  Acer said its tablet  Iconia W700P starts in just six seconds.

5. Desktop enhancements. Above all, the new  task manager . This tool has become much more accessible as they have added descriptions of the different processes (only appeared before the filename). Other points to be improved are the improvements in the management of file transfers or the inclusion of a more visual toolbar in the browser.

6. The use of the split screen. This is another key to make the system as we can drag applications on either side of the screen and use two applications together. Interestingly, the desk also be used in this way.

7. The integration of social networks in the main interface. The social field has a very important place in the system of Microsoft , and we review the status updates and inputs Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIncentrally. In addition, the profile data is collected from these networks to complete the personal information of our contacts.

8. The price of the updates. Up to January 31 next year, anyone who has a computer with Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 you can upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for 30 euros (in download mode).Better still is the choice for users who bought a computer with Windows 7 from the June 2 (until 31 January) , and for those upgrading to Windows 8 Pro cost only 15 euros .

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