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Blackberry has announced that starting Tuesday the application you can download Blackberry Messenger for Android and iPhone .After several problems and delay the launch because of an unauthorized version, the Canadian company has announced that it’s official application, which has been among the users a great reception, especially to the data offered by the company: over 2 million users have downloaded it in less than 24 hours.

As confirmed to resources, the development of this ‘app’ for other platforms demand responds to detected among users of Android and iOS. “Here is the news we have been waiting for. I’m excited to announce that we are about to launch BBM for Android and iPhone around the world, “wrote in the company blog Andrew Bocking , responsible for this application. Since this announcement, users can already see the update on Google Play, the App Store and at select Samsung, where the download is free.

From Blackberry recall that the demand for this application has been “wonderful” and that more than six million users registered to receive BBM. Also note that more than one million iPhone users could download this app in September, before it was withdrawn.

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