63% of Android users would not buy an iPhone 5

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Anyway, the company Google – formerly known as search giant – has succeeded to capture the most important part of intelligent mobile phone users: those who have a device running Android . 

One of its competitors is more railways, undoubtedly, the California Apple , with a single smartphone by flag: theiPhone . The apple company launched last September 12 one of the most anticipated devices of the year, the iPhone 5 , but the fact is that not everyone is as happy as might be expected. And is that with the release have flourished many problems and criticisms that have done nothing to promote the detachment of some expert users to the brand. All indications in this sense, that users of Android are not willing to give up this platform to be done with an iPhone . Not what we say, it reveals an infographic that shows what the attitude of users regarding their estimated Android operating system . Here are the seven defining characteristics of users of this platform. Do you identify with them?

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1) is the most used operating system in the world . The infographic reveals that at least 60 million people in the United States use a daily smartphone with Android . Besides being the most widely used is the one with the broadest support from major carriers worldwide. The most sold phones, Samsung , installed (so majority) Android on their phones star, but also in other parts of low cost are beginning to draw attention to users who want to launch into the world of mobile intelligent, although either with a basic terminal. In recent weeks, Apple has been in the news for having submitted an operating system, iOS 6 , truffled failure: the inability of Apple Maps , incidents in connection Wifi or email reception not play for change.

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2) 85% of the daily user sends text . It is clear that users who work with Android are most active. This feature is not incompatible with his affection for Android or  iOS , but this is a defining fact of the character of people who decide to bet on Android : social beings and especially active, hooked to technology and demanding in the area of connectivity .

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3) are unfortunately receiving intensive spam . Spam distributors, advertising text messages and telemarketing calls are baited with them. According Mr.Number , responsible for developing this infographic, 70% of users receive such inputs . The truth is that it is a considerable amount of information, which reveals that Android users are well prepared to avoid this type of content.

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4) Android users economize . Prefers a better plan prices and superior coverage instead of wishing best performance for your phone, for example, a larger screen or more applications . It is, as we can see, eminently practical user mobile phones give the value of what it really is : a tool to make calls or check email.

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5) Users of Android smartphones tend their . It seems that the vast majority, 50%, keeps your cell phone as gold cloth, for when buying a new phone is because they really want a new device . Only 30% gains another  smartphone when the old is lost or broken.

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6) They listen to their friends . According to the survey, 34% of Android users download applications when colleagues or family have recommended. However, at least half the first test the applications in Google Play , the store that Google makes available to Android users .

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7) They are faithful to Android . It is one of the data that has come to our attention. And the vast majority of users, up 63%, says not interested in buying an iPhone to replace your handset, regardless of the price they had. Users who use Android are a very large group, but also very varied, so that seems especially striking that over half of the users are not willing to give this OS to switch to iOS . There must be.

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